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September 19, 2012


Jane, I could have written this post today, I feel like I am sinking in a sea of urgh at the moment, being too busy, not productive enough, etc and Nicsknots is loads smaller than you so you have my sympathy.
I hope your chat with your friend helped and you are feeling more focused now. xxx

I think I'll phone you next time Jane!! I'm completely overwhelmed at the moment and could do with a good talking to ;)
Really glad you were able to find your focus again xx

Jane, Lolly & Boo is miniscule compared with Snapdragon but juggling everything else in life I sometimes feel completely consumed. It's always good to just get going again and start ticking things off the eternal "to do" lists though isn't it? x

Jane I wish I had something valuable to add, but this constant feeling of being overwhelmed was why I closed The Life Craft and returned to a quieter, more manageable life. You have great people around you and you're the success story so many creative people aspire to be. I know that you'll find a way which works.

Sending you chocolate digestives and buckets of lovely tea x

I'm sorry you felt so overwhelmed, I know how debilitating it can be. But congratulations for recognising it and doing something about it. I left it too late and it has taken me a long time to get back to being "me" again and accept that there have to be boundaries.

This post couldn't have come at a better time - I've been feeling so overwhelmed recently & have spent much of the last few weeks running round in circles, in a flap & not achieving anything!

You're so right, it's really important to focus on the core of your business & get back to basics, which is exactly what I've done today & I feel much better!

So many of us seem to be in the same boat, I wonder if there's a forum or anything we could all join so we could share our experiences & offer support & encouragement when needed.

I'm going to check out Jason's book too, sounds good.

Have a good weekend everyone & remember..... keep it simple!

Maree -

Thank you for all your kind comments - I think it is a common feeling when you run your own business - and probably a symptom of good things!
J x

Die Ideen, die Sie hier bereitgestellten i diskutieren extrem wertvoll. Es erwies sich als eine wirklich angenehme Überraschung zu erwerben, erwarten mich, nachdem ich heute erwachte. Sie sind ständig auf der Bühne und einfach bewusst sein. Dank viel der wertvollen Ideen, die Sie wurde geteilt haben unten.

Estoy de acuerdo con usted.

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