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August 14, 2012


..these colours are magnificent - I'm intrigued about the 'two ball' method and presuming it's the background - x

You have one ball for the background one for the foreground - each made from lengths of wool knotted together. Then you knit Fairisle fashion.
Very easy, all you have to remember to do is to knit in the ends.
J x

I'm not familiar with his knitting books, but his quilting/fabric based books where present when my Mum began to quilt (still on her book shelf now). This in turn inspired me to sew. Maybe I'll have a look at the library for the knitting books. Not sure I would be able to knit a jumper but the cushion you've done looks great. Sarah

This book changed my life too!!! Wow, it was just so amazing to see that knitting could be more interesting, artistic and that wool could have much nicer colours too!! I also loved the poppies pattern and made a waistcote in it which I never wear as it is now a bit out of fashion, but I think I might turn it into a cushion now i've been inspired by you! Thank you

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