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September 19, 2011


I've picked up a few poorly hogs this summer and taken them to my vets or the local hedgehog rescue, but I found this first aid page a great help for checking out what the problem might be first:

I hope you get him/her sorted. Bless you for caring.


Cat food is good - and usually hedgehogs will only come out in the day if they are starving, so you did the right thing.

You can buy special hedgehog hog. Wilkinsons sell it for a couple of quid, but the best food is their natural food -worms and slugs. If he/she continues to visit they'll be the best natural slug killer around.

I think it may be the time of year. We found one yesterday too (we're near Oxford). Well my dog found it (it was fine, just sniffed). it was also daylight - late afternoon. Are they looking for places to hibernate perhaps?

Kind regards

Inspiration! Hedgehog themed items. I guess if Mr Hedgehog is gobbling up the food he must be feeling ok. Hopefully with a bit of special Snapdragon attention the leg will heal up without intervention. I need a fleet of hungry hedgehogs around here to deal to the slugs! XXX

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