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September 12, 2011


Lovely piece - Things to look forward to: Low lying sun & stunning light, open fires, drooling over seed catalogues, wooly socks, red cheeks, hot toddies and guilt free lounging :-)

Oh Jane, that is lovely! Roll on putting the fire on and being cosy! x

A positive thought for Winter - there are loads of positives.....snuggling in front of hot toastie fires, warm woolley bedsocks and hot steaming cups of cocoa, curling up with the one you love AND a good book.

Winter is truly a time to be home with the ones you love.

Of course there are lots of negatives too....but shhhhh we won't mention those!!

Sue xx

i posted a comment but i seems to have gone missing! Cute cute chicken, i'm sure she'd love to come and peck about at my house! they scientist in me wants to put ++++++++ as a poastive comment! but as it get colder there are more excuses of hot chocolate with all the trimmings - cos its cold!

Lovely quirky chicken. Makes a great pic as well as a cushion.

Now that is cute - love it in the frame too. After sweltering on the beach (can you swelter in Scotland?!) last week, we're cosy in the house today - fuzzy felt, play dough, colouring, warm buttery pancakes - lots of positives to a good old storm! Picturing you all cosy in your workshop sewing up your own productive little storm.

Cozing up on the sofa with some crochet and a cup of tea with the fire at full pelt that's my positive winter thought. It's blowing a gale big time where I am too. Love the chicken picture too :O)

My comment has disappeared too, I was first to leave one :( (not that it matters).

Looking forward to the gorgeous seed heads of the winter months.

Love the chickeny bits :)


I love this. My positive thought for the moment is "This is our happily every after"

Love the clucky hen, pecking at all those teasel seeds! It'll soon be Christmas - how's that for a positive thought ✿◕‿◕✿! Well done and let's not all work TOO hard!

The onset of winter just makes everything more snuggly! I already have the essence of Fairy Lights tingling through my veins. Looking forward to warm boot and fireside cuddles... Winter is wonderful! Today, with the storm trying to blow our flags away outside, we are getting a taster of things to come (the power even went out earlier) so it was under the duvet together and stories until it came back on. Magical!

I've just been watching Peppa Pig with my daughter so I'm thinking of that hen as 'Happy Mrs Chicken' (which is the computer game Granny and Grandpa Pig get hooked on, just in case Peppa Pig isn't your specialist subject for Mastermind! Think it might be mine...)

Such a sweet little hen. Positive thoughts for winter? I'm full of them - it's my absolute favourite time of the year! Frosty mornings, icicles, snowmen, a nice warm peat fire, mulled wine and of course, Christmas! Winter is the best smelling time of year, spices and pine and plenty of cake! I can't wait! (Plus there's also the promise of the odd snow day off work if the last two years are anything to go by!).

Positive thought for winter - having the perfect excuse to put your pjs on at 4.30 and snuggle up on the sofa under a duvet......with a hot chocolate of course!

Loving the way wee chickie blends in to the background...lovely camoflague. Ah autumn, time for scuffing through the leaves on bright (hopefully) autumn days with that wee nip in the air, and back for a cuppa and homemade scone.

Cold sunny days and a cheerful chicken to hang over my fireplace and make me smile!

I do love this chicken - I think the embroidery of the tail makes it look like a little turkey!

love it!

It's blowing a hoolie eh? I sense some more weather-inspired ideas from you Jane for the coming months: leaves in the air, wonky, swaying trees and wind-swept chickens with feathers flying everywhere! Who says Autumn/Winter has to be uninspiring??!!

Don't think of winter, think autumn first! Beautiful colours of leaves that are inspiring for every kind of textile craft! Even just one brightly coloured red or yellow or orange leaf is the start of a journey of a masterpiece!

Love It.
The design is our Henrietta to a tea.

Now, batten down the hatches and the roof of the hen-house and we'll all be fine.

Glad you didn't ask for facebook comments only so I'll be in with a chance to win and even if I don't, good luck to everyone who enters.

We're really excited about chickens at the mo as we're about to present our daughter with 3 for her birthday on Sunday. I love the thought of them pecking their way through the garden just as your gorgeous chicken is. I know the year will fast forward after the impending birthday and the joy of shutting the doors and drawing the curtains against the long nights will soon be upon us. I love the cossetting feeling of the snow outside when sound is deadened and your insides are warmed with sloe gin. Not sure who will be collecting those eggs then 'though!

Ooh lovely giveaway, thanks for the chance. Given the gale blowing outside it might be tough thinking of positives with winter drawing in - but I love a bit of wild and windy, weather along the coast where we live so long as I am all wrapped up in cosy coat, hat, scarf and gloves - finished off by coming back inside for a hot chocolate with squirty cream!

winter = 2 foot of snow outside the front door..... and knowing school is cancelled and you don't have to leave the house xx

After a long day, especially a windy one like today, I do love to read your blog. I always know I will see something lovely and read an interesting story. I do enjoy hearing about the twists and turns of your business. Thank you for spending the time allowing us a window into your world.

Oh Jane, what a lovely pic and fab giveaway.
I look forward to Winter but then they are not as harsh as yours. I don't do Summer as ours tend to be stinking hot with bushfires, droughts etc. perhaps you could play the game I do.
At the end of a Summer's day I just tell myself well it's one day closer to Winter, maybe you could do the reverse......

WInter brings lots of wonderful things, onepot meals, casseroles and stews, yum. Hot chocolate and marshmallows, curling up under the doona, crocheting by the heater and not feeling guilty about staying out of the garden, yay.

Claire :}

what a lovely cushion!
some of positive things about winter for me are walks in the sparkling crisp days(if we are lucky enough to have them) that show off the starkness of tree branches against the sky. In Norfolk this is the season when you really see how the wind affects the landscape - the way the short trees all lean into the wind and the undulation of the land. I love the contrast of coming in from the cold to a roaring fire and the being able to wear woolly tights and not bother to shave my legs.
:) x Gabs

What a lovely cushion and a great giveaway!!! I am so happy you did not include Facebook followers only but gave a chance to your other fans as well. I love all the seasons. Each of them brings different colours, inspiration and emotions. My younger daughter was born in winter time and is a child one can only dream about. Not to mention the Christmas time and all the excitement it brings. As well as time and fun we spend with our little girls outside while snowing, making the snowmen, going for a walk to a snowy forest nearby etc. Just love winter!

Gorgeous :)

My positive thought - focus on the good things in life and you make yourself open to great opportunities :)

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