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July 11, 2010


you have to save Bertie

So pleased that Euan was won round, especially when he did it all by himself!!

What a wonderful holiday you all had ... and by the sound of it will be having many more similar ones!!!


Sounds like a wonderful time, it looks like heaven being that close to the sea. I can just imagine a hubby smiling to himself thinking this'll fix her. Hee hee, how great that he was won round.

Think I recognise that campsite Jane. We used to have a VW and I'm hankering after one again. Just spent today packing trailer and car for camping up north. Hope we get a similar time to you guys.

Oh if only my hubby could be convinced that way!

You have no idea how happy I am over the outcome of the great Camper Van debate. I am expecting the hard sell on my hubby when we see you next week!

I cant tell you how much this post made me smile....

Great post. It's amazing how many people are sceptical when it comes to caravans or campervans. But it's often a different viewpoint when they get out there.

The closest I've been to Islay is Oban but I remember the drive out there being amazing! Islay looks beautiful too.

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