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July 28, 2010


oh lovely I'll pop a comment on here now sweetie.
hope your well and enjoying the sun x

Catherine x

Happy 10th Birthday!

I nearly bought that book on amazon the other day but decided to get yet another "how to" craft book instead. I would still like a copy though!

I have a small business making and selling leaded mirrors and suncatchers though I'm struggling to find the time for it at the moment. A link to my website is on my blog sidebar...

Mainly I make costumes for the glamourous stage and screen, but as a side line I also run workshops for adults and children concentrating on the fun creative side of sewing, and I make bits and bobs using vintage and leftover fabrics from the day job that I sell on etsy and folksy. My blog is

10 years, well done!
I make semi precious jewellery from a large range of different stones. I am also currently working on a new range show casing lamp work bead makers every couple of months and thinking about designing my own cards and notebooks with doodled designs!
I think the book would be a fab help.

What a lovely idea and what looks like a really useful book.

I sell make and sell all lavender products, based here on our farm. You can reach my Blog by clicking on my name.

Happy Birthday to your lovely business (my mum still carrys her little mirror everywhere with her, still in it's little embroidered pouch).

Sue xx

Congrats again on 10 years :)

I make a wide variety of things (read: I get bored easily..) I knit, crochet, sew and pyrograph.

I'm in the process of getting a shop ready on my website, but for now it's mainly FB that has examples of what I do:

I am completely inspired by your blog - I am just thinking about what to do in the future. Before having my children I was a chef - now I'm a stay at home mum with a 2 and a half year old and an eight month old. We live on a 4 acre smallholding in the Welsh borders and I'm wondering what I can grow/produce/make at home.
I'm also a knitter and hopefully a friend is going to stock some of my hats in her shop.
I don't have a blog at the moment but I will hopefully find a few minutes to start one soon!!

What happened to my comment? Here goes again...

have been pondering starting to sell tatted or crochet jewellery, though haven't really got going with it yet. Think the book might be helpful in getting started though :)

Congrats on the 10 years, that's very impressive.

Hmmm, does "not quite making cards yet, but we are getting there and spent Monday night sifting through negatives" count???
Your wise words about 10 years were really helpful yesterday as I didn't feel like we were getting anywhere (business partner has diffeent sense of pace to me!). It made me feel better to know you had evolved over a chunk of time. I am also now workign ona timelien to try and get some momentum going. Just difficult not to get distracted by Gavins amazing picture archives!!!

hello jane,
i read your post yesterday and i think you have achieved SO much since you started. businesses evolve and it has been really interesting watching yours flourish and following the textile side of your business develop and your more recent journey into wholesale. You have proved that wioth dedication, drive and good products then it can be done!
So Congrats on 10 years and thank goodness for understanding husbands!!
Here's to your next 10!
love ginny xx

p.s. i make a few things occasionally now at and also you know the rest ~ courses and workshops etc at
(still have paint on my hands from a kids stencilling workshop we did this morning!!)

I've heard a lot about this book, it looks great. I have sold some bags anda quilt on etsy a while ago, but have struggled with time. I have a whole stack of things that I am about to get listed again though. A few more bags to make and then I'll load my shop up.

Congrats on the ten years. You make such beautiful things, I am truly in awe of your talent.

Great little prize for a giveaway.
Everyone needs help starting out and beyond!
My website is -
I always find your posts and thoughts inspiring ;0 x

I'm new to blogging , only started in May and don't have an online shop , though that's next on the agenda ! so this book would be inspiration indeed.
I'm always eager to read your latest post , the 'share' button is used quite frequently with comments to friends like 'look what she's up to now ! My main craft is jewellery but I also make accessories for girls. The blog address is

I'm just starting up, making and selling jewellery and accessories with a knitting twist. This books sounds like just what I need!

Oooo could really use this at the not going quite to plan!
I make handpainted canvases for brighten up their spaces & hopefully inspire a little imaginative play..?
I also make cards and a little bit of stitchery here and there has been known to occur.
I'm not woe-ing too much yet as you've candidly shown, these things take time but are worth it!
Cheers to 10 years!
@ditsybirddesign on Twitter

I like the look of that book!You know I think you are fab:) congrats again on your 10 years x

- new like page

Congrats on 10 years Jane - can't believe it's that long! Thanks for making it look such fun and inspiring me to start my own cut flower business! Love your designs and look forward to another 10 years of "feel good" blogs!

Cherry x

10 years?!!! You are an inspiration Jane, congratulations x

hullo! well, i make cards from my own photographs and eco-cards and tags made from upcycled Country Living magazine etc.. and the occasional textiley thing.. I'd love to browse through that book! I started a blog 3 years ago with the idea of selling things I make - and that is how we met!

well deserved bubbly xx

Congratulations on 10 years! And thank you for such an interesting and inspiring blog - you are one of my top floral heroes! I am selling flowers from my garden partly to fund my silversmithing studies, which I hope will fill my winter months. My blog is

I make lots of things but have only ever sold my pet portraits. I have looked at this book on Amazon but never been brave enough to buy it as other craft books are further up my wish list. It does look very interesting though.

Hi Jane - I've been making cards and small gifts for almost 10 years now and sell them at craft fairs (where our paths have crossed). I have a blog but am reluctant to parade my cards on it (strange but true!). I have not mastered a website yet - though I have made a feeble attempt. Too many small things to photograph - so very offputting. I have been approached a number of times to supply my cards to shops but have resisted because they normally want me to supply them for much less than I am prepared to sell them. I've also been asked to start a party plan for my products - hmm, I'm not sure about that one either. Pretty useless on the business woman front I'd say, wouldn't you? Perhaps your book would help to steer me. Always impressed by your drive and enthusiasm. Happy first decade!(

Happy 10th Birthday! I am an architect so at the moment I make piles and piles of drawings and the occasional model, but I have a dream, which may not be unique, involving a craft business making things (sewn, knitted, crocheted) but also patterns and kits to make these things - I think I am better at this than the repetitive work involved in making millions of the same item - hats off to you to manage this and seemingly enjoy it!

Always making something and growing things, but so far have not made the jump from 'maker/grower' to 'seller'. Full of admiration for Snapdragon's success. See my stuff on Flickr - Laughingflowers.

Right... I don't seem to have much luck with these, but I'll enter anyway :) Maybe the book would encourage me to start seeling my photos online? Lets hope so.

Just catching up after too long away! You have the most perfect taste in things - I loved the pictures of your home and want to completely redo mine now!!!

I've come to say hello after lurking awhile. Yup, 10 year just speeds by, but life always gets in the way of the best laid plans. I like to sew, paint, crochet, cook, papier mache, doing up old furniture, paper crafts, might have to get a business plan myself. I have a shop on Folksy, but struggling to fill it at the moment.

I am on a quest for prettiness.....

Mimi Pearl is an ever evolving collection of semi precious jewellery, bobby pins, vintage boudoir bags and garlands made with vintage/recycled and new fabrics.

A HUGE congratulations on reaching the 10 year mark - you are an inspiration!


Congrats on your ten years! I haven't yet been in business for a year yet. I am a theatrical costumier, and recently started a small sewing school called The Thrifty Stitcher. I need all the help i can get business wise, 20 years in the theatre hasn't trained me for business!

Good luck with your next 10 years.

Congrats on 10 years in business! Only discovered you very recently when I visited the Harrogate show with Rachel who now stocks you at her Lazyhill Gallery in Abbotsbury.
I yearn to be a crafter, but am not sure I have the requisite skills/patience/time, etc! Howerver, I have started cross-stitching some cards which Rachel very kindly stocks! is how you can find me.

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