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July 14, 2010


How could anyone resist???


How could anyone dump him in the road to start with....some people!

Looks like he is being well looked after now. He's gorgeous.

Sue xx

oh how could someone....
at least he has another 8 lives lets hope he doesn't go through them too quickly!
He is a cutei!

I had to bottle feed 2 of mine and they are full grown now, and always did fine, never were behind the others so no worries! He's adorable and it's wonderful that you've taken him in to make him well.

ahh poor little thing .. but .. where's he going after the holidays???

lucky I didn't have my bag with me...:) so cute! Cx

Oh he is adorable just love the way he holds the milk bottle. I rescued a kitten just like him when we lived in Spain. Hope all goes well.

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