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February 03, 2010


Awww, what a sweetheart! Very sad that his family got bored of him but at least they recognised it and did something about it. I am sure he will love his new home. Guinea pigs make me laugh - they are just like little old ladies the way they wittter away!

What a sweetie! Shame he was tired of, but now he's got a lovely new home.

I'm in love!

Piggies are the best pets - I have 3 girls at the moment. They're very spoiled pigs as they live indoors all year.
I'm glad he found a nice new home with you, will you get him a friend, do you think?

Sid must have a friend.....
t x

What a sweetie, I foresee guinea pig badges, mirrors...

I am caring for daughter's 2 gerbils - so cute and I am not really a pet person! Sid is a sweetie. Your Westie buttons are fab - Wipso - my sister has 3 Cairns.

Cute!!! Sid is lovely! I have two guinea pigs, their cage lives next to the tv - and they are much more interesting!

Guinea pigs always cause a shiver of dread with me. When I was around 12 years old, me and my twin brother Ben decided to buy a male and female guinea pig, Basil & Sybil, as a business venture - you've guessed it, we were going to sell lots of baby guinea pigs! Well it all started off well but we soon found that no-one really wanted to pay for a guinea pig and although the babies (and they breed very quickly and regularly) were cute, we had to give them away. To add insult to injury, we understood that they only lived a couple of years but ours went on and on and on for over 6 years although I am ashamed to say, we neglected them badly. Therefore, whenever my boys even suggest the idea of a Guinea pig, I stoutly refuse as I know who will be looking after them long after the boys lose interest!!
A xxx

Sid is so adorable, How could anyone get bored! I had too guinea pigs as a child called Milky and Toffee, guess what colours they were!!?

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