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December 03, 2009


Oh, I'm so sorry. I guess it is part of keeping chickens, but still. Well, I guess mr. fox had a good feast.

I did exactly the same think about six weeks ago lost 3 young cockerels, oh well said Yasmine it will save you trying to find homes for them.

I'm still feeling it since I was late shutting them up. But hubby is still grieving, and scanning the locality for the fox.

I hate to say it jane as I know it sounds a little callous, but I think your daughter's reaction is great. It shows she has a sound understanding of the processes behind both stock rearing and nature which means she will be a responsible owner herself if she so chooses one day. Well done you for giving her teh kind of life that shows these things x

I hate it when the fox gets hens - we have lost several recently - we think in the morning after they were let out. And it is always worse when you find the remains, rather than when they just disappear.

Pomona x

You may have had too many cockerels but it's still a hard way to lose them. They most likely died protecting the hens, it's nature, hard and cruel but something we all chose when we keep chickens.

Don't beat yourself up about locking them in late, it's something we all do on occasion!

Sue xx

oh no - just going out to put my girls to bed !

Sorry to hear about your cockerels and hen. It must have been very upsetting when you arrived on the scene.
We wouldn't be able to keep hens/cockerels here, as there is a little woodland where foxes, deer & badgers live just yards away from us. Too risky, so I am sticking to Women's Institute eggs! I am fond of foxes and often watch them play in the field. I don't like them killing chickens but it's a bit like cats, I love cats but I don't like them catching birds and mice but have to remind myself it's their nature..
I hope that you have a good weekend
Warm wishes

I am so sorry for your loss, I can't even imagine how it feels to lose so many chickens at once. The thing that wonders me is, how this fox got into your locked coop? Again I am so sorry.

I am considering keeping chickens but not sure I could wake up to the slaughter of the innocents. Love Katy's reaction though - that girl will go far...

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