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November 17, 2009


Wishing you the very best of luck with it all....and keep Twittering throughout,so we know what you're up too!!

Sue xx

Good Luck this year! Will be along on Saturday - hope to say hi if you are visible behind the throng!! Cxx

Hi Jane, Rachel and I are visiting on Friday so will definitely call by.
Good luck and have a great time.
P x

I wish I could drop by!! I'm a bit jealous, Christmassy things seem so much more Christmassy when it's winter. Here it is all spring and sunshiney (not that I'm complaining) but I'm just loving your pics of the robin and the holly and all!

Good luck will come across and say hello again.

I shall be along on Saturday, and will say hello. Good Luck for the whole show.

Myself and a friend will visit you on Saturday, can't wait! I read your Blog every day without fail and as with probably countless others feel like I know you,it must feel a bit weird having so many 'friendly stalkers' :)


Well good luck I won't be able to get there but I imgine folks will be forming a queue to say Hi.

Oh do come & say hi. The dogwood heart workshops are in the craft theatre at the back 12.30 & 3.30 first to sit at table first served!
My stand is E10 by the wooden huts
J x

Sent from my iPhone so please excuse any dodgy texting.

Best of luck at the fair Jane.

Marie x

Everything looks beautiful, wish I could be there.

Jane, what an amazing lady you are! Best wishes for the Fair, and for transporting all those branches.

My friend in Glasgow is going to try to get there. Wish I could see it myself.


When did the magazine country living first start being published in england?

When people talk about the cost of housing, often the only thing people talk about is the actual cost of the home they intend to buy. And often, one thing that many people note when they buy a home in one of the distant suburbs is that they can "get more home for the money" in a distant suburb vs living closer in.

What people don't usually count in the cost of owning a home is the higher transportation costs that are incurred when people live further away from jobs and entertainment options.

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