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November 20, 2009


Wow, wish I could come! It looks fab! I LOVE those Christmas pudding notebooks!
Sal xx

It looks fantastic! Have a brilliant weekend.

Sue xx

Your stand looks just beautful! Love your work!

Oh, it's gorgeous, I am so jealous, as I'd love to stop by. Your stand is beautiful, what gorgeous things you make, and the stand next to you is lovely too. I do hope you get a chance to go around and look at all of the other lovely things, I'd love to see them if you have the chance.

Do you ever the chance to stand back and think to yourself "Wow! That looks fantstic - and I made everything!" and be really proud of what you have achieved? I hope so because you should do.

I particular like the bottle of beer in the corner. How many of those did you sell?
Hope it went well - do miss doing the fairs but got our book launch tomorrow so feels like the same pressure setting it up!
A xxx

fab Jane,
a fantastic body of work... you should be so proud of all you have achieved this year... just amazing!
love ondine's stall too ... so full and eclectic.
hope you are able to take a little time now to relax though i exoect you are still fulfilling orders...

warmest wishes
ginny x

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