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September 22, 2009


at the moment, taking photos for my blog and then staying up far too late to post them because there aren't enough hours in the day... and eating runner bean chutney with everything!

Er, food at the moment! I must be about to go into hibernation as I seem to be constantly scavenging for food. Other than that, dahlias are obsessing me Jane x

Yarn in all its wonderfulness!

Pomona x

similar to yours..... the amazing heads of my thistle plants - such a beautiful soft colour and so delicate - i have collected a tray full and am planning on a very simple Autumnal garland - i fear that one gust of wind will blow it all away but i shall enjoy the beauty whilst it lasts x

Hi Jane, I have been trying to email you but it keeps bouncing back, so this is my message !

Hi Jane,

I did walk past you at one point but you were very busy & I completely forgot to come back.
Glad the show went well, I am still exhausted.
Can I ask, am I right in thinking you work with Mclaggen smith mugs ?
if so what is your experience been like ?
we are thinking of submitting some work


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