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September 21, 2009


Hello Jane
I marvel at your ability to create these charming items in such numbers without sounding the wee bit stressed about it! I start to get flustered so easily when a big order comes in... when!
I love to bring home an object that evokes memory of the place.. as you say .. a pebble or similar. I have a collection of heart shaped stones from various places in Devon.. somewhere I lost my heart to some years ago.
Michele x

It's lovely to see real hand crafted souvenirs. think I live in the heart of depressing tourist tat. Boxes of fudge and shortbread made in a factory hundreds of miles away with a picture of a windmill or wherry stuck on the front saying 'Your gift from the Norfolk Broads' Toy windmills made in China. etc. Not even good kitch just tat.

It's usually seashells! We have had quite a few foreign exchange students through school, and they always come with lovely regional specialities - even ones peculiar to their home town, and I always struggle with what to send back - and what to say when they ask what our regional specialities or industries are! I usually give Duchy biscuits or elderflower cordial - not at all local, but at least I know they are made in this country! Next time I will send one of your lovely notebooks!

Pomona x

I usually just bring home a pebble or shell, it's all you really need to evoke the lovely memeores of a holiday.

We do however bring a kitsch souvenir whenever we visit a caapital city. We have a brass Eifel Tower, a London Bridge snowstorm etc.... it's fun!

Sue xx

Shells, sea glass or pebbles here too Jane. You can imagine living in Cornwall means an awful lot of tat in shops, though to be fair it has changed drastically since I was a child. There were endless 'shell shops' on every street all selling shells from anywhere but Cornwall. Now there are far more handcrafted gifts and beautiful things such as your lovely notebooks x

Seashells, pretty pebbles, especially those with holes through them, that I thread onto study string and hang from the trees in the garden. My flowes pots in the garden have the soil covered with sea-shells, something my gran did and now my daughters copy. Ann

Always shells and pebbles, and postcards I haven't got around to sending!
I think I need to check with you the dates for this fair. The website I found seems to be very wonky. I thought it was Thursday to Saturday? If you get a chance could you let me know??
Thanks heaps

Well I love old stuff! My 13 year old son knows, he came back from Melbourne last night with a vintage sheet in his hand luggage. Gotta love that kid! Bringing me a sheet from afar :)

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