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September 01, 2009


Jane, thanks so much. It's lovely to see it in situ. I'm fluffing up my feathers as the proud aunt!

What a lovely henhouse! And I can't get over how green your grass is - ours is yellow after so many months without rain.

Pomona x

Love it! What a beautiful colour. Do they lay more eggs in their lovely new home?!
Sally x

Oh I love the chickens they are adorable x x

What wonderful photos - If I was a chicken I'd be very pleased to be living in such a beautiful coup.

One of my many favourite breeds of hen Jne. I used to have such a beauty called Madeleine. MAy look into having more. Gorgeous coop too.

Hi Jane, Thank you very much for this post, I really appreciate it!
Great pics, I also have some Light Sussex which have been doing some modelling for the coops!

Oooo hen house envy & chicken envy - All is gorgeous!

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