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September 30, 2009


Saw this book through a fellow blogger and added it to my wishlist on amazon straight away.

Please put my name in the hat or tea cosy it's up to you!

Vanessa x

OOH. Yes please Jane.I am not a natural needlewoman (fashioning costumes for the entire family for school Victorian Day nearly finished me off) but with this book I might give it a whirl.
Cally x

She shares our publisher so have heard a little bit about the book prior to release. Hey Jane, it's my 14th wedding anniversary today - thats a bit of achievement these days isn't it?
Glad the latest trade fairs went well.
A xxx

interesting looking book - may you be so kind as to add my name to the hat x
t x
glad to see that the horse riding is still going on.... are you sure you have no room for just a small pony ;)

Ohoo yes please I would love to go in the pretty hat, I would love to learn some new skills :)


oh yes please Jane!
Craft books can be so inspirational but also a distraction but a good one at that!
Have you ever considered doing a book?

Yes please, it looks like a fab book.
Yvonne x

Please!!!! It would be great for ideas having just returned from a day of learning how to felt and sew!!! I'm completely hooked but with little inspiration!!!

oooh, fingers crossed for a lucky Thursday draw for me. I'll need something to keep me out of mischief once the wind and rain return and life on the plot slows down. My stitching needs a gentle guiding hand....

Oh I'd love to see that book. But even if I don't win it, thanks for pointing it out. I can add it to my wishlist!!

Hurrah for another Cornish gal! Poppy things are lovely, but yes Jane your style is very much yours. x

I agree with the comment about your doing a book - or just give me the pictures and I'll write it for you! Not a way to make millions, but a very useful sideline and marketing tool. I have never dared do machine embroidery, apart from the sort where you watch the machine go through its paces as if directed by a ghostly hand, but have always fancied trying it. A nice book to help me would be just the thing!

Pomona x

Beautiful, thank you for sharing this I hire out vintage tableware for afternoon tea parties and have been looking for some cute tea cosies that fit in with the theme! xx

I've seen your work 'in the flesh' so to speak in a lovely little shop in Cheltenham. It makes me smile every time. x

I'm always delighted when people say they smile when they see my things - thats realkly the point of life isn't (why I love the flower part of the business too)
J x

That's very generous of you. I've always been a fan of Poppy Treffry and being a Cornish girl at heart (I was born there!!)I work with paper on a daily basis but secretly wish I could sew. My granny bought me a sewing machine which I admit is still in the box but maybe this would be the inspiration I need!!

That book looks great!
Thank you for my order - i've just recieved it. After browsing through other blogs, i'm going to make myself a cuppa in the mug, put my badges on my cardi (thank you for the extra one) and tommorrow i'm going to give my Mum the lovely cupcake mirror(shes suffering from depression so i thought i'd cheer her up)The mirrors are so lovely i may have to treat myself to one too!! xxxx

ooh, just what I need! I am a beginner, have a real cheapy machine and a table COVERED in scraps of gorgeous material, which are slowly being made in to STUFF! Please put my name in the hat too!

Add my name to the draw Jane please. My sister bought me a PT tea cosie as a present which I love and so would like to add to my collection (hardly, I have only two things) with a few handmade bits. Have a lovely evening - jacqui x

Would love to win this!

What a lovely can you bear to give it away? I would love to win it.

I'll echo the other comments about you doing a book! I'd buy it! Re the Poppy Treffry book - well, I might well be your most northerly fan/customer/Airstream caravan drooler-over up here in the wilds of the beautiful Shetland Isles. Books? What are they? We have no trees here so we don't have books so therefore if I am lucky enough to win the book, I'll make it a book for everyone in Shetland. :) Fifi x

Would love to be included in your giveaway.
So pleased to hear you are busy busy and wish I was closer would love the job!!!!!xxxxx

I love Poppy Treffry's work, but your choice of subjects (VWs, spacehoppers, jam, cupcakes etc) so closely mirrors my family's favourites, it's spooky!

Would say include me in the draw, but I'm handless when it comes to sewing machines :(

Am I too late??? Count me in please. I love your blog and the beautiful things that you make. Ann x

Have just found your blog via twitter. I shall return, if only to torture myself with my creative inadequacies...

Jane I am a fan as you know - with our similar subject matter and love of fabrics and pattern. We just celebrated our first anniversary this weekend (so probably not as worthy as the lady at 14!) but with 2 kids under 4 and a business - sometimes I am need of a tea break with a lovely read.

Ooh that's very generous please count me in. I am an illustrator by trade but I love to do textile work in my spare time. I'm going to take up knitting again soon as the family sewing machine that was over 30 years old recently blew up, it's like losing an old friend, and I'm feeling very lost without it. Poppy's book would cheer me up a little.

Can i go in the hat too? Am a keen sewer although my efforts usually extend only to last minute dinosaur costumes for small boys' parties! would love to be further inspired...

I always like nice sewing books to tempt and inspire students with, so would love to add that to my library!

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