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September 29, 2009


Congratulations on your wonderful acheivement, you have worked hard to get there xx

Very many congratulations jane - 150 stockists - WOW!!!

From 0 - 150 stockists in a year that's absolutely brilliant, down to LOTS of hard work I'm sure. It's nice to hear of someone being so successful, you deserve every bit of that success, well done you!

Sue xx

I know - I can't quite believe it - are you well?
J x


Thank you - one of the best things this year has been seeing how many British craft companies and small scale manufacturers are blooming.
One Scottish business at the Trade Fair wasn't opening any more accounts this year as they have been getting so much business.
I have always felt that the way to get on is to expand the market for hand made and British made rather than getting involved in bickering and competition between makers. lovely that this is happening.
J x

Thanks Sue - it has rather crept up on me . . . must get to work now!
Are you well?
J x


I'm glad you have had a good year - but don't be disingenuous about the effort! I can see from your products, your catalogue and your blog, that there is a lot of effort behind it all - and lovely products help, too.

Pomona x

Ah - but nothing like the work I would have anticipated if you had asked me in January!

Congrats on all your achievements, I'm sure you've worked exceedingly hard at them too! It's really inspiring to hear you doing so well with your creative business ;0 x

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