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August 04, 2009


I guess chickens are just like humans then, not all natural good mothers, just muddle along doing their best (or as I spotted once when I lived in Barrow in Furness - eat the McDonalds Happy Meal before their kids can get at it!!) Lol....

Sue xx

We had two hens that were so fierce they kept our two terriers out of the garden! The hens used to hang around just outside the back door and if either of the dogs poked a nose outside it was pecked - and these are terriers which will kill rats, rabbits and polecats with impunity!

Pomona x

I think that it's good to know that humans are no better than chickens and that they are no better than us. I wish that all mothers could be as good and capable as your Peblo.

Handsome fellow, you can tell why they all fell for him!
I think you should name your nameless chook really I do. I am surprised the girls haven't.

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