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August 29, 2009


We're excited too! Can't wait to have that first glimpse...

Hi Jane - how exciting! I'd love a copy - it will be great to see all your fabulous creations come together in book form (and I have a few birthdays coming up!) I empathise with the nerve-wracking bit - my brochure is due at the printers on Tuesday and I am still tweaking and fiddling to get it 'just right'. Sarah

very exciting jane.. the images so far look amazing... i am sure it is going to be fabulous and you will sell lots and lots! well done to you all... it is a lot of hard work to put a catalogue together!

So excited for you.. have you had to pinch yourself to check that it really is happening? Your pics so far look really colourful and inspirational.. well done. xx

Hello Jane
I would love one of your catalogues please. I know I would like to buy some of your mirrors and bottle openers for xmas presents, but can't wait to see what else is in there!
I will email you my address. Hope you are enjoying your bank holiday weekend!
Best wishes
Sally xx

Hi Jane,

'ooohhhh' yes please here as well especially with christmas coming!! I will email you my address - I can't wait, how exciting.

Nina x

can you please send one to me, although i live in switzerland? my first thought were christmas too, when i see the mugs!
i will email you my adress!

stefanie from binimgarten.

I saw your mugs in a farm shop while on holiday - I was so excited, as if I'd seen a celebrity!
Look forward to seeing all your hard work as the catalogue comes to fruition.

ooooh i'd love a catologue x
I'll send an email now

These pictures look fabulous & I am sure that the catalogue will be great too. Well done you.

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