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May 27, 2009


Hi Julie,

I know its taken ages for me to respond to you, but I wanted to say a HUGE thanks for my gorgeous badge, I absolutely LOVE it! I am wearing it with pride!. I will attempt some photos of it and If I think any come up to scratch I'll send them your way. Hope you get lots of interest.
Love Yvonne xx

I'd love to capture my daughter wearing one of the square badges, I think the cupcake would me most 'her'.
Fabulous idea too !!
Alexis ~~~(*.*)~~~

Hi Jane

What a great idea! I'd love to take part, please. I already have an idea for a photo, but can we take more than one for consideration?
Please could I choose a round snail badge?


I would love to try and model a chicken button badge. I will start thinking of a suitable photo opportunity now!!

I bought the chicken key ring off you at the Country Living Fair in Scotland and it's been in used ever since.

Sue xx

Oh Yessss please, I can do photos, please anything but the space hopper I hate them with a passion, you choose, I am a girly girl just to give you some idea.

What a great idea! Ladybug please. I'll send you an email.

What a wonderful idea! I have placed a bit about it on my blog (well will be in a few seconds!) Have sent you an email

I would be delighted to produce a photo to help you, and would love a caravan button badge please. Thank you!

I would love to take part in promoting these wonderful items. I would like to promote the ladybird one, as I am hankering to see them at my allotment, but if that is not possible, then maybe the toadstool.

Oh, I would love to have a square jam one for my husband - he is the jam maker in our family! (See my recent post.) I would take a photo of him wearing it and making jam, if possible. I'll email you my address. What a super idea. I've visited your blog before but now you've induced me to make a comment, so thanks very much.

What a great idea! I'm in! Please may I have one of the creamy ones with a blue flower on.

What a fantastic being sent on an assignment with a bonus! Email coming up!

Hello, What a fab idea - may I join in too? I'd love either a red ladybird, Green Cupcake, White daisy or a Star - Just suprise me! Looking forward to photographing a badge in action.

Love Lydia

How cute...i would love to do an image for you....i will send you an email...round cupcake one would be amazing!!!

Thank you Jane for sending me the gorgeous heart badge I just love it problem is so does my daughter who is home from university in Cologne. I think the heart badge will be finding a new home in Cologne very soon and have asked my daughter to send you photos of snapdragons badge adventures in Europe lol.

Hi! I'd love to take a photo - a square chicken, or a round house.. but actually anything really - I'll have a go!

Brilliant marketing Jane!

Inspired idea, I'd love to have a go please.
I'll email you now. Might motivate me to actually read the instruction book for my camera to see if I can take a good photo!

What a super idea!! I'll have a go at pinning one on my Jack Russ!! A Square/round ladybird or cake one would be to follow.

I'll do a photo for you with pleasure! :)
I love your chickens- so I'd love a square chicken badge. Excited already!

Hope you don't mind I've just hopped over from rose and bird. Youe badges are just the cutest and I'm off to email you about photo's very soon.

I have tried to email you but it keeps getting returned. i would love to take part in your challenge if possiable

Ooh I would love to take part! Either a round chicken or cake would be lovely but I'm happy to have something else. Will email you once I've found the address!

Thanks, Mel xxx

Hi, I've only just discovered your blog via Shabby Chic Cafe, but would really like to take a photo of one of your badges if you would like to send me one. Surprise me! Pop over to my blog to get an idea of what I might like :-)

Hi, I'd love to do a photo for you. A square badge with toadstool would be great but they all look lovely so I don't mind.
Yvonne x

Oh please can I play - I just heard about it from Summerfete - but now I've found your blog I'll definitely be visiting regularly! Could I request a square badge with jam on please? I'm getting so excited about the strawberry crops and jam making later in the summer!

Thank you, Lucy x

If you have any badges left I'd like a square jam or a round house one - or you decide. Happy to take a pic. Clever idea!

Hi Jane
Loved my 'winning badge' last time and (as promised if I won) it's on it's way to a friend in Scandinavia. I would be delighted to take a photo of your gorgeous jam badge, have an idea about using it, who knows it might make it to your final selection.
Wonderful marketing idea & great for all your loyal fans to 'think outside the box' keep up the good work and enjoy the sunshine this weekend.

Yes please I would love to be included, a square cupcake or chicken one. Planning on wearing it at work on my uniform, Thank you for the great offer.

Oooh cool, I'd love a square cupcake! Thanks so much.

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