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August 03, 2008


We went to Norfolk today and also saw a Piet Oldoulf garden at Pensthorpe waterfoul trust-his gardens blow me away, so loved seeing your blog pics,as my battery went flat on my camera !!

Fabulous photos Jane, and sounds like you had a great time away. I love Sissinghurst, (though it's a long time since I've visited) and all that colour and chaos, it's very inspiring.
D x

Earlier on this summer I went to a plant fair at Scampston with a friend. The garden truly wowed me and I'd love to go to the nursery he runs with his wife - maybe next year. Oh, and the day we visited the rain came down in stair rods. Still the best garden I've ever seen though.

P x

Jane, thank you for sharing this wonderful outing. Your photography has taken a huge leap in the past few months. New camera, new how-to book? Whatever you're doing your photos are crystal clear, well composed and very inspiring!~Erin

How funny, I was just thinking of Sissinghurst the other day whilst reading another blogger who visited Kent. i remember going as a child, although for other reasons, my first bee sting!! Probably didn't appreciate them as much as I would now, these are lovely images and glad you and E got a break together. Cx

ohhh - made me feel homesick.
every summers evening we were lucky enough to pop in the car and be at Sissinghurst in 10 minutes - the woodlands are the most perfect place for a dog walk after all the visitors had gone home - just us and the loo cleaners and occasionally Sarah Raven and her beautiful mad dog that took an instant dislike to Talulla (or was just objecting to us being in her garden!)
happy memories - thank you x
t x

Thank you for sharing these photos - I have not got the garden visiting habit yet but looking at these fabulous pictures I am wondering why on earth not.

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