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August 04, 2008


We're off garden visiting to Devon and Cornwall in September and I hope we have as much fun as you obviously had. What an insight to the realities of Perch Hill. Can't wait for the next instalment Jane.

P x

I've heard that Sarah Raven doesn't live at Perch Hill anymore but actually lives at Sissinghurst now. Both great gardens.

Perch Hill IS amazing, but i know how you feel, i have felt the same this year more than others with the bad weather. We cannot do it all!! We dont have a team of gardeners and i dont know if it would be the same? Sarah Raven doesn`t live at Perch Hill anymore and said she isnt allowed to garden where she now lives-how awful, too frustrating!!

I look at the gardening books and wish my garden would look like that but ......reality check - I do not live in a place with high rainfall so the garden will not grow this and that and the weeds in my garden would be gone if I had "help" and did it everyday too! LOL
Just found your blog and shall be reading it from now on - its great!

More lovely garden meanderings! I did a course with Sarah Raven, around the time she was just starting to make her name. She was inspiring.. so hands on, sharing so much knowledge and information and tips. And lunch in her kitchen was every bit as good as being out in the garden. How lovely to here she's so generous to you.

Jane I have really enjoyed these past two posts - lovely photos and great descriptions/observations. It has made me even more determined to try and drag my SIL to Sissinghurst and Perch Hill next time I am visiting!

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