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August 05, 2008


Didn't realise you were back!
Charleston is somewhere I would like to visit but never have as my friends who have been haven't been particularly bothered about returning - partly because they found it very disappointing and also because of the staff.... but as you were spoilt at Perch Hill I'm sure you got over your disappointment rather quickly:)
So, SR uses Pathclear on her paths?.....I am pleased it's not just me!

I'm not sure what the spray is . . could be something organic, there are more organic solutions to lots of things on the market now.
Here I just seem to be growing docks as a ground cover!

Wonder if I could reproduce that fish mosiac
Would give me a winter project
I recently found your blog.
Love it.
Ernestine from Nashville, Tn. USA

Jane, just letting you know how much I'm enjoying your accounts (and the photos!) of the garden visiting you've been doing. Sounds like Charleston is keeping up the spirit of Vanessa Bell, who used to put a chain across the drive and a sign to discourage visitors...or so I've read. Perhaps your work at The Macintosh House is a future blog topic...seeing the School of Art and the tea house simmer on the travel plans back burner.

Hi jane. Love the accounts of gardens you have visited. I am living vicariously through them! Sounds as though you had good weather whereas it is so wet here even the lavender is rotting before harvesting! xx

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