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August 13, 2008


You really are a fantastic source of information, Jane. Know exactly what you mean about provenance etc of materials. Am very lucky that my (very small) local supplier now stocks organic Fairtrade cotton. A sign of the growing interest.

P x

I think the reason I have never asked you is because I didn't think it polite and secondly I am sure you have said your mother provided you with fabric as she was an antique dealer.
I did wonder where your tea towel 'blanks' were sourced but when I found organic ones I guessed you had ordered them from there....

I spend huge amounts of time sourcing materials but don't feel particularly keen to discuss this for reasons I will email you about.

How interesting. As I understand it, there are a lot of issues with cotton, organic or your recycling sounds just dandy. Thank you for your comment on mine - how totally fabulous to have Barcelona in your sights (sigh. envy. we went last Christmas time and it was fabulous). Wasn't sure which blog to post this on so hope t his is OK here! Now of course I am sorely tempted by all your intriguing links. But MUST work! Janexx

It's something I think about...and certainly if I were to buy new bath towels and bedlinen they'd be eco/organic. Thinking of the things you do Jane I love the fact that you re-invent and re-use vintage fabrics and woollen blankets - I think recycling and re-using comes before a new purchase, even if that's organic. Also, your ethics are so clearly on the side of sustainability, local, eco etc that I feel reassured you make the wisest choices possible.

I'm very happy that being eco-friendly is finally a "trend" here in the States - which is sadly one of the few ways the masses will actually care about the environment. I think it is a great point to share with your customers that your fabrics are vintage (which is something I absolutely adore!) or sustainably sourced. That is one of the reasons I was drawn to your beautiful home goods!

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