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July 16, 2008


I love the look of the lillies,so please add me to your recipient list! And what is all that about returning an item because it has your name on the back? Surely the same person doesn't return goods to M&S for that reason. Mmmm. On second thoughts she probably does.

Personally I think the sewing of your business name onto the back of an item enhances rather than detracts. Hey ho.
P x

ohhh - i would love some willowherb if you have any spare x
i have begun the long job of turning the strip of land that runs along our drive in to a place where i can grow flowers for cutting - hopefully all amongst some beautiful wild flowers - i am thinking full and natural rather than structured :)
i may need a little advice from an expert!

speak soon and i also need to order an airstream notebook from you x

t x

Dear Jane,
I would love to be put on your recipient list for the lilies, they're beautiful!
ps - thank you so much for sending on the honesty heart - it was wrapped SO beautifully - I was a little sad in the end to give it to my friend!

Thanks for all the emails on this - now all plants have homes to go to!

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