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June 03, 2008


the meeting sounds really interesting - a little out of my way though.

Can I ask why you wouldn't bother with the website? It's just that I wonder how I would have found you if you didn't have one - would it still have come up in a search engine? By the way, tried the bouquet - wasn't quite as in the photo, but near enough to astound everyone who saw it.
Many thanks,

When I made my website Google didn't search weblogs - now they do, in fact the way that they search for information ranks weblogs higher than more static websites. You can now also have several pages to a weblog and sell directly from it so it turns out to be cheaper and easier to make than a website - the only downside is that the domain name isn't as catchy.
So pleased that you had a go at making the bouquet from the newsletter -

Hi Jane
Sorry can't make it on Thursday but I love your idea on the business blog. It would be another useful way of increasing awareness and supporting local businesses; fantastic for the economy and to help reduce shopping/service miles. Our own blog isn't about business and we have a website for the business but the latter is a bit out of date and a blog is SO easy to adapt that I have thought about using the structure for the business.
D x

I'm sure your talk will be great.
Do you have a laptop you could take? If not perhaps you could print a few pages off to show how easy the format is?

Hi Debs - I'll keep you in the loop if we decide to do a WIB blog. Gigi I am being lent a projector by Stirling Enterprise which will go from my laptop to a screen - so I will be able to show lots of blogs and demonstrate how easy it all is . . .and the potential for businesses.

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