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May 03, 2008


I shall certainly be looking into Arne Maynard now as I have a real thing for garden design although you wouldn’t know it looking at my sad excuse of one.
(maybe you can recommend one of his books?)

John Brookes is our local garden designer having his HQ just up the road.

I also have an ambition to have an auricula theatre…..

I can’t wait to hear all about your course.

Don’t keep us waiting for too long

Sounds wonderful Jane. I know what you mean about people with passion; they just inspire so much don't they? We are a bit passionate at the moment (no, not in that way!!!) as we have just got an allotment in a gorgeous sunny field about two mins away. Digging for England now! xx

And I love that top photo. I think you should enlarge it and have it framed. It would be gorgeous on a wall. I love bucolic scenes such as this.

The top photo is delightful. And you have set me wondering about Arne Maynard. Thank you for the inspiration...

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