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May 30, 2008


I love satisfying, and connects you with nature at the same time. Happy Weekend! Diana x

Right I'm off to pick those darn buttercups, maybe they won't be grubbed out of the borders afterall!

gorgeous photos... i see you have great blue skies up there whilst we have rain!... makes a change doesn't it?.. i am pleased.
I love wild flowers and often wonder which ones one can responsibly pick to bring home. There are some lovely oxeye daisies close to my home... i was thinking of picking one for the seed and then scatter it in my garden. We have creeping buttercups already and they are persistent.
great post Jane.

May I say that the weather in Scotland is much maligned - I was discussing this with Tracy of Cupcakes just the other day. It has been dry and sunny here for the past month - the only day of rain was this Wednesday which I and the garden were very grateful for.

i laugh out loud when friends from down South say how awful the weather must be all the way up here....
i can hear the sympathy in their voices - it is almost as if we have been sent up here as a punishment :)
i could not be happier - so far we have had less rain, more sunshine, and so little traffic..... bliss x
t x

Oh I have blue sky envy! It is grim here again. It is a funny thing about the comments situation isn't it? So many visits sometimes and so little in the way of comments - I guess it is a time thing as we all want to read blogs but it can end up taking all day. Must admit I feel funny if I visit a blog and don't leave a comment though xx

I now have a little jam jar of buttercups on the pretty....and I would never have thought to pick them if you hadn't written this post. Thanks Jane!

Just found it via google alerts so I thought I'd stop by and check it out. I have a flower blog at Tulips Talk and am going to mention your blog to my readers.

Wishing you all the best... and more!

Heidi Richards Mooney, Chief Goddess
Eden Florist
Blogger at Tulips Talk -

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