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May 13, 2008


Beautiful flowers Jane....and I can identify with the accounts, that'll be me in January, unless I break the habit of a lifetime! Sunny here too....enjoy it! Diana x

I love the heart wreath. Did you make the frame or did you buy it already shaped?
I've tried to grow Angelique this year but very few of them are really double - never mind - they still are a pretty colour.

The heart is on a copper wire ring - like the ones you get to make Christmas mossed wreaths, just heart shaped rather than circular - that makes it very easy to wire on the foliage or twigs and it keeps its shape. The flowers at the top are into a wee dumpling like bit of oasis in a plastic cage that I just wire on.
I can't think of another tulip that is as variable as Angelique -

Gorgeous flowers! What a way to earn a living, watching everyone's happy moment in time.

The flowers are beautiful. I love the bouquet. Just gorgeous. The colour of those roses is stunning.

Beautiful jane as ever; actually I thought your photos of the bouwuet were great! Popped over to Caroline's blog after reading about your course and it was lovely to catch up on what she has been doing. You two are truly an inspirational team xx

A wonderful surprise was left outside my back door yesterday......a bouquet of stunning flowers - they embodied the essence of a beautiful Spring day - the serrated edge tulips are just opening and really are a sight to behold.

Thanks for the lovely feedback Ellie - all the trial bouquets seem to have arrived safely and on time - now I just need to fix up the website and make sure we have enough flowers and it will be ready to roll,

I love the heart wreath, my favourite shape. You really have a golden touch with flowers.

The heart is beautiful. If you are ever doing a course in London or even near to it I would love to come to it.

Gasp! how beautiful are those tulips, and the heart is just stunning. My back door looks exactly like that, I might just have to attempt one of those. How inspirational your posts are Jane. I look forward to ordering one of your lovely bouquets.

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