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May 26, 2008


Oh dear God, Jane, that's vile. I share your sense of revulsion and violation, and I am so sorry this horrible and menacing virtual corruption has cast a shadow on you and yours, no matter how fleetingly.

It is sickening and sickeningly inevitable that the same mechanism that allows us gardeners etc to find your blog can be twisted. I don't know what one does in response to this.

I hope you regain your serenity soon.

Jane, I note that you label your photographs with words e.g. Light Sussex in Salad. I suspect this makes them easier to search for on Google Images. I just use numbers and although it is nuisance for filing I am sure that it restricts the access via searches.

It is vile isn't it? Unfortunately it has nothing to do with the photo names - for if it did it would be easy to solve - google images searches text in the same way as general google and then shows the image nearest. The photo in question wasn't labelled "My Little Girl".

I regularly post the results of the keyword searches which ultimately land at my blog. I do it for amusement purposes, but also to let people know that I do look at those stats, and can 'see' ISP numbers, etc.

Hopefully this was a one-off which will never be repeated for you. Just a chance 'landing' at your blog. Please try not to worry too much.

Take care. Kitty :) x

what a truly horrid feeling - i am so sorry.
t x

It is strange what people search for and of course their reasons; I get some come up for 'Bunny Love' and I guess they are disappointed when they only find a pink angora rabbit!
This is a difficult one – do you write about your life which involves your children as well as your business or do we all become guarded and suspicious of a few people who may have ulterior motives?

Sorry about the veg patch and even more sorry about the dodgy linkster. It's a hard thing, wanting to post about your life but also wanting to protect it.

I get lots of searches looking for "vintage pretty tits" which makes me howl with laughter because they all get to the same page about my bluetits and birds in my garden!

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