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January 22, 2008


So do I Jane. Sorry to hear you are poorly; wrap up and take care of yourself xx

Sorry to hear your down with the beastly bug, i've been cramming myself with echinacea, fresh ginger tea and multiple cloves of raw garlic rubbed on my (wheat free) toast and corn crackers which seems to be keeping it at bay despite my friend coming home with it twice. I hope it passes soon.

Your embroidery machine sounds amazing! That whole thing about the stitch length, I could really do with that kind of thing, my stitches go crazy, which is fine when I'm doing landscapes, but not so fab when I'm trying to do writing. Your chickens look cute as anything, you're going to get a lot of good use of that bit of kit.

....may that horrid bug turn around soon and head back South!!
sending love
t x

Sorry to hear you are unwell hope you are feeling better soon. (and may it not head back South!) I agree the dogwood heart looks stunning. Tricia

Hi Jane, hope you are feeling better x

I'm with Tricia no nasty bugs heading across the border please! Hope you soon feel better, take care of yourself.
Carolyn x

Hope you're feeling better soon Jane. The idea of winning a trolley full of food if you re-use your bags is a great one. a wonderful carrot on a stick kind of idea. Your heart looks terrific

Best wishes for a speedy recovery Jane, hope you are receiving lots of TLC :)

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