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October 03, 2007


Wow Jane, how exciting. I just looked in to cheer up a rainy morning (with added gloom because of a building problem) and find your change of focus news. It will be a shame not to come to the flower van on Fridays but from a business point of view you are absolutely right. Your home and occasion goods and gifts are wonderful quality so the wedding market will benefit hugely. Do you still have plans to attend any of the local pre-Christmas craft fairs?

I think that you've made a good decision, even in hard times, maybe even particularly in hard times, people will want to make an effort to make an occasion that bit more special.
I particularly like your idea of favours with seeds and bulbs.

Jane, those favours are gorgeous. I particularly love the embroidered ones as that is my thing. Perfect for a memento in place of the tacky things usually on offer. Well done xx

Hard decisions indeed I think I know how much your "shop window" meant to you. But exciting times ahead. Have absolutely no idea about weddings as we have reached that stage in life where everyone is either married, divorced with the never again attitude, or thankfully too young to contemplate such things. Going away from the favours, maybe you could adapt your journals into photograph albums they would be lovely not only for the newly weds but also as gifts for the parents of the couple. And as for special occasions well the world really is your oyster there isn't it? Best of luck Jane.

I think your wedding favors idea is great.I would love to have something like that to take home. The last wedding I went to had little boxes of sweets beautifully tied with a lovely bow, but after it had been opened it to see what was inside we couldnt tie it back up the same and who really wants to keep a cardboard box as a souvenier? Another wedding had sugared almonds in a little bit of net tied with curling ribbon.

My bulbs have arrived today, and look lovely. I cant wait to give them as gifts. Thank you.

What a lovely idea of the hearts, seeds and blubs as wedding favors! Love you site, it is always fun to see what you have posted. :) I posted about my garden today.

I think that it is a very courageous decision to move your business on to the next stage. It will mean leaving some customers behind but I think that you are very sensible. It will allow you to channel your ideas into a concentrated area instead of using a scattergun approach. I admire you very much for recognising how the business needed to change and then doing something about it.

Wedding favours are an anathema to me! but I understand in principle (just) – I think this is a very good idea to tap into a market where people throw the budget away!
The hearts are very attractive especially the ones using old embroidered tablecloths but personally I would be cheated if I were given bulbs….
With interest rates only going up then it was prudent to cut back on the cut flowers/shop; when it’s your own business you can do that.

Thanks for your feedback. I showed a few business type friends the hearts today (and some bridesmaid bags) and they were all very positive. Now I need to find some non-friends to have a look (much harder).
Debs I was so glad to get you comment as I am sorry that I won't see regular customers. I shall beat Christmas Fairs - locally at Katrina Gardner's in Croftamie, Amanda Reid's at the end of the road and at the Green Gallery, Buchlyvie!
Liz - glad that the bulbs got to you safely and that you are pleased with them.
Lynn, I think that favours is a dificult one - I think they are lovely if they are being given for the right reasons, but not if they are being got as simply another expected ingredient of the "perfect wedding". I'm not sure that I understand the feeling cheated with bulbs - I was thinking of things like paperwhite narcissi, which to be honest will grow even if you chuck it in a drawer.

YOur wedding favour hearts are beautiful ! Oh no selling flowers from your beautiful van any more ! You'll miss that I'm sure, but your right money is money at the end of the day.

I think it's a good idea to have a harsh and uncompromising look at a business every now and then, and like you say, get rid of what needs to go. It's like me and the garden, I've finally got the courage up to take out plants (though grudgingly) and thin them out to make room. It's how your business will become even better and the things you're making and have in the pipeline sound marvellous. Oh if only I lived closer!

Hi Jane,

I love those beautiful hearts and feel sure that wedding guests would treasure them. What a great idea.

It is good to be able to step back and make business decisions that will improve your work and allow more time to focus on what is important ~ sometimes, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees when we are so busy trying to run a business.


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