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October 05, 2007


Hi Jane,So please you are featuring Caireen ..these cards are lovely. I was initally drawn to the strong colours she uses but i especially love the fact that she recycles. My sister also makes cards and envelopes. She hand makes paper from old bills which she pulps and dries. She also recycles old paint charts for envelopes. I think there are so many possibilities for recycling creatively. Have you ever come accross a company called bags2riches? I can't remember the artists name but she has deveploped a process of recycling plastic bags and heat bonding them. She mainly makes jewellery... worth a look.

Love the cards - my husband makes boxes (as one does... he's rather amazing at it too!) and he used old magazines (nice ones) to cover and the effect is fantastic. For valentines a couple of years ago he made a box and filled it with every single type of incense he could find - knowing it was my favourite thing - and I still use that box to hold it all in. Love recycling things and that is such a good idea!

The cards look lovely, I love cards which use real photos, they are really effective. I find it very hard to throw glossy magazines away especially interior and gardening ones, infact I have occasionally laminated pictures to use as coasters or placemats for my own use before now. My sister-in-law bought me a year's subscription to Country Living for my birthday and I just cannot throw any of them away, I shall probably keep them forever knowing me.

I'm a magazine junkie, too. Some of mine I keep forever and ever as reference but others I try to find ways of making useful (and, anymore, I don't buy an issue unless I know I'll either want to keep it or use it for something - none that would just be read once and put in the recycling, ever). Anyway, I've been using pages from old Victoria magazines to make envelopes for paper I make - like a previous commenter's sis - from bills and advertisements and notes from school. Then, because I am reclaiming writing snail mail as a spiritual path, I have custom writing paper. It's a great way to put a use to something one last time before it's recycled. Fun, too. (I have to confess that my work isn't as pretty as Caireen's, alas.)

love the cards, so pretty, and a great way to recycle, the photos in magazines are always so great.

It is so true that you can find really amazing things through blogs.
The cards are beautiful, and it's so cool that they are recycled too.

Victoria x

Oh they are lovely. Talking about cards, Gwenny announced whist shopping today that she wants to write her Christmas cards, yes now in October ! I have firmly put my foot down, no cards to be sent untill Dec 1st !

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