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October 15, 2007


I'm so pleased you were in such a wonderful city enjoying a break - my other option as to why you hadn't blogged was because you had come down with the flu!
Lovely photo.

Glad to have you back but equally glad to hear that you had a wonderful time.

Glad your back, and that you had a wonderful time.

Oops - I thought that I had said that I was going away - but, judging from all the lovely e-mails asking after my health that I returned to, I mustn't have.
I am always a bit wary of sticking up a big "I am away for a week" sign up on the website or answer phone as I think it might be a great invitation to burglars and pig-nappers.

Just founmd your blog, fantastic. I'm fascinated by place names, what a great address your friend Katrina has, where did the name the 'witches hat' come from? All the best, Pipa

I think you are wise not to broadcast the fact that you are away, you never know who might be reading! Pleased to hear that you had a good time, great photograph of you and the girls.

That photo is lovely, you all look so happy! This is supposed to be *the* time to go to Paris, or so I'm told, I can smell the coffee and creme brulee now!

The fair sounds lovely - oh, if only we lived in Scotland!

I'm so glad that you had a great time - it is a wonderful experience for the girls and a well earned break for you. You all look so happy in the photo.

I wondered where you had got too, Paris how lovely. It is great to get away from it all, but all too soon you come back down to earth with a big bump, and realise how much catching up you have to do, but every minute of that relaxation time is important to be able to carry on with zest. A lovely picture of you and your family. Good luck with your fairs, apologies for not being able to come but I would have to catch a plane, or have a very long drive!

I adore Paris ! I first went with a boyfriend when I was about 17. Coffee, cake, more coffee and more cake !

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