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May 28, 2012


How very frustrating. Is the cheaper tea towel tolerable?

Personally I would pay £12 for a tea towel, and have done in the past. I think people want to have high quality items, and are happy to pay for that, well I'm banking on that!

Its a really tough one. Could you buy a small supply of the cheaper materials and see if they still sell before discontuing? Maybe even get some feedback from the buyers post purchase. I understand your thoughts on the other price increase.

I really wouldn't pay £12 for a tea towel especially looking rather shamefully at my sorrowful collection of stained & scorched ones.I have the name of a printer that I used for my Royal Collection T-shirts and he is very good. No idea if he'd come in any cheaper though. Let me know if you want to contact him. A x


Have you considered unbleached cotton? It's a good fabric to work with and would wash up nicely for your customers. By making this change you should be able to maintain your current prices.
Best Wishes

Hi Jane
I've been following your blog - I think you should shop around! I work for Ulster Weavers and we produce thousands of tea towels for lots of companies.. And we don't charge for screen set up or design!
If you want any more info feel free to get in touch!

kind regards

Ola eu son tan animado que eu atope a súa páxina do blog, realmente atopei por casualidade, mentres eu estaba buscando a Yahoo a outra cousa, calquera forma eu estou aquí agora e quere só de dicir grazas por un post fantástico e unha agradable durante todo o blog (que eu tamén adoro o tema / deseño), eu non teño tempo para ler todo no momento, pero eu teño-book marcou e tamén as súas fontes RSS, entón cando teña tempo vou estar de volta a ler moito máis, por favor, seguir o traballo fantástico.

I'm a bit late but here are my thoughts.....I adore my campervan teatowels & the quality is excellent however i do think £12 is quite a lot. (I feel differently about your meadow ones because they are embroidered). But I hadn't realised they were linen. I really think a good quality cotton version could be just as good.

It would be SUCH a shame if you had to discontinue them as they are so gorgeous, bright & sunny. They really are one of my favourite things that you make. Go cotton is my opinion :0)

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