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December 06, 2011


This sounds great Jane. Like a more down to earth version of the Tim Robbins stuff. J went to one of his courses a few years ago through work & it was a bit over the top (3,000 delegates, fire walking, very americansed) but he thought the principles were sound.
I will have a look at hsi book :0)

Seeing those school children hugging themselves reminded me of some good advice I was given recently. A friend told me that her sister had bought her some very tight vests, as she was going through a messy divorce, that 'hugged' her all day long. I poo pooed it, but bought one anyway, and it is fab, you feel 'hugged' all day long, and it helps me face my day.

Couldn't agree with you more on this topic , I read 'Ask and it is Given' , some parts may not appeal to everyone but it totally changed my outlook on everything. You're right though , it does take practice , it's all too easy to have negative thoughts , unfortunately for a lot of people it's the norm.
Sadly people are considered a bit airy fairy it they're 'too happy' .
Lovely post.
Alexis x

sounds really interesting, what was his book called?

There's no chance of hearing him speak so can you recommend one of his books? I see there's quite a lot of them and would appreciate some suggestions

Like a more down to earth version of the Tim Robbins stuff.

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