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August 19, 2011


Oh, how I'd love to have your garden and workshop! At least I can share the beautiful day today!!! Have a good one!

Oh that first photo is beautiful and the spider house (as they were called when my children were young) reminds me of September mornings and the dreaded back to school days! x

Its beautiful natures lacework.

Jane, seeing these early morning photos of yours are putting me into a very optimistic attitude this Monday morning. Thank you!

I love the misty cobweb...looks like a hammock for a featherweight garden fairy.

Your red embroidered cushions are splendid...and the styling of the photos is very appealing.

Still trying to find that magazine with the article about you. I think that I might have just missed it (remember, we get UK mags a bit late) but have not given up. xo

I hate spiders but the pictures of the cob webs are great. Almost makes up for them skittering around the house..grrrr

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