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August 03, 2011


Lovely pictures. We went cycling in Denmark when the kids were little (my eldest learned to ride her bike there!) and remember, like you, little in the way of manicured gardens and lots in the way of wild meadows and paths.
I've noticed as I drive east to west a lot that we seem to be finally recognising how lovely wild can be - one stretch of the motorway recently has been a mass of lupins, and the poppies lining some of the side roads have been lovely. So much more sensible then endless mowing of edges by councils keen to sanitise the countryside!
Great to hear that you had such a great holiday. Looking forward to more pictures.

Lovely! Nice to hear about your flowery holiday.x

I get so dizzy when other half is driving looking at all our wonderful verges round here :) I LOVE wild flowers . . . most of our garden is wild and everyone comments on how beautiful it is . . . even the lawn has a path mowed through it then the rest of it grows wild.

We have a well drained field too and alot of what is in your gorgeous photographs we have as well.

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Reminds me of a place we walked to on holiday in SW Scotland. I was busy snapping the fabulous mixture of wildflowers while Kit was eying up a rusty winch type object to see if we could take it back with us - we couldn't even lift it! The display of flowers was like machair.

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