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March 15, 2011


What an absolute mess they made of it. I quite agree that they should be refunding and adding some compensation to it. It's not just the money you spent exhibiting there, but the time you've lost away from your workroom/business.

I hope you manage to get something back from them.

Well what can I say. As a small business within the UK I would have expected that such a large organisation such as the Spring Fair would be helping not hindering small UK businesses - obviously I was mistaken. I think you need to take this issue higher -if possible. Could you send them a bill based on their uselessness. I wonder if there is a solicitor on twitter who would help? Hope you get some money back, louise

This is shocking! No wonder your hands were shaking when you took the picture. Carole

I would definitely be requesting compensation - that is blatant incompetence. Keep fighting, don't give up and look forward to hearing what happens - Margaret

Disgusting. Their treatment of you and the other stall holders in the Spotlight area is just that Disgusting.

If you all invoiced them for the lost trade, lost business etc they may have a shock.

Something needs to be done. UK businesses are going through a rough enough time as it is at present and need to band together against ineptitude like this.

It would not been as bad, still bad but not AS bad, if someone had just held their hands up and said SORRY. A little word that means so much. But to refuse compensation and only other reduced rates for next time, as if you would trust them next time!!)

Stand up for your rights and continue to Blog about this shameful episode.

Thank goodness your business seems to be coping although how you have managed with losing so much money I really can't imagine.

Sue xx

I feel a small business campaign coming on....watching your blogs with real interest.

Have you thought about taking it to the small claims court? I know these shows can be rather costly and I'm sure the amount of money you would be looking to claim back would justify the effort and cost of doing it.

Plus you often find that once legal action is threatened most companies back down rather than having to pay your costs on top of the rest of the money if they lose.

massive mistake. You should all get a refund

Impressive blog! -Arron

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