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March 03, 2011


I've been reading your tweets about this fiasco. Its incredible that this company would behave in such a way. You are exactly the kind of business they need in order to make their event a success. Buyers come to trade shows to find something new to offer their customers so I would have expected them to have the so called Spotlight stands up front near the customer entrance, you know, in the spotlight! Their business relies on the newcomers re-booking for next year. Strange business practice!

I am pleased you are tackling this issue as we had a hard time at the Spring Fair last year! Not easy for small businesses.

I think that part of the problem is that this type of thing seems to happen year after year but everyone keeps quiet.
I was offered 50% off next year but am not taking it; I would rather be able to publicise what happened.

I applaud the way you are dealing with this. It's about time this sort of practice was highlighted for new businesses that may be sold this sort of space next year. They should know the questions to ask.

Do the Spring Fair organisers not realise how much business they are going to lose because of the way they are handling these complaints. If they listened and learned they would be the winners in the end as more people would book and re-book for the next event.

Sue xx

I was a small business opposite Jane at the Spring Fair and everything Jane says is true.. Keep up the fight Jane xxSusie Pre Shoes

Hi Susie - Thanks - One tactic that Sarah Charlton, the Event Director has been using is to suggest that everyone else in the Spotlight area was happy, which you and I know to be completely false.
Its been a bit like being in a very bad cop drama.
J x

Don't lose faith Jane. I can vouch for the 1:1 personal service that OTHER show organisers provide. Sadly it doesn't see to be consistent across the board.

So glad someone is fighting the cause too many of us just brush things under the carpet!

Looking forward to more interesting insight into trade fairs!

Vanessa x

You are quite right Gayle, Clarion (top drawer), Springboard (Scottish trade fair) and the team behind the British Craft Trade Show are all excellent and try their best to sort out problems.
They can't guarantee you will have a great trade show, nobody can, but they are all above the ineptitude of what happened to the businesses in the Spotlight area at Spring Fair.
J x

All very interesting. But as a small start up business myself very worrying also that an organiser can behave in such a way.

Nice to see someone standing up against EMAP and their sales tactics, we have had the missfortune to have dealt with them for over 10 years. Unfortunately, however much time you spend finding the right space they reserve the right to move you to where they like and you don't have the right to cancel - read the contract. Best of luck

Hi David - I know, reading the contract is quite an eye-opener, when you realise that they could practically park you out in the car park if they wanted to and you would have no come-back.
I am not expecting to get anything out of Emap now, but I am wanting to raise the issue and make others in the small business community aware that this happens time and time again.

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