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February 24, 2011


I was sorry to hear you had such an awful time and you are right to publicly hightlight the errors by the organisers.

I totally agree with you, I stopped showing at trade shows 3 yrs ago now , they are just too expensive, full of of time wasters and way too much (chinese & other) crap.
Your stand looks absolutely gorgeous, with exactly the right feel and look of the trends at this time x

That sucks Jane. You go for it, I wonder is anyone else also suffered - could you maybe contact some of the other businesses that were in your area.

Hi Woo - 29 of the standholders in the Spotlight area signed a letter of complaint (which was drafted by 5 representatives)to hand to the Event Director on the Thursday.
The Director subsequently claimed, in a phonecall to me, that the signatories were co-erced into signing, but that was not my experience.
I am in touch with 10 of the standholders and it has been very interesting comparing notes!
J x

Hi Jane,
I follow you on twitter and came to spring fair as a visitor to see becky broome, so know the nightmare you have had. After hearing the disaster I for sure will not be exhibiting at spring fair. Having walked around the show, the spotlight area where you were, although was difficult to find you, was the best product there. The rest of the had to search through a hell of a lot of tat to find the odd treasure! I hope you manage to resolve it someway. Alex @by alex - tweet-sewbyalex

Hi Alex - I've had a lot of e-mails from small businesses saying pretty much the same. It was great to be near to Becky and Christian though!
J x

Hi Jane,
Sorry you hear you had such a bad experience - I had a similar eperience at Home and Gifts in Harrogate a few years ago, they put me and several others in a "Scottish" section which was at the very back of the show hidden by the stands of huge companies. We acted simlarly to you with letters etc to the organisers and also were offered discounted stands for the following year but I couldn't face wasting any more money. I come form Shetland so had to cover the costs of shipping, flights etc. Saying that, there are several very well organised shows. I think you do so well with your internet marketing I don't think you need to worry much! Lovely work by the way (par. your embroidered floral range).

Go for it. It's about time that these exhibition organisers actually did some work for the,astronomical fees that they charge.

I am keen to hear your feedback, I have been considering doing trade shows So the more info the better.

so cute i like those things very much!!

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