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January 10, 2011


This sounds like a really worthwhile read Jane - thanks for pointing it out ! x Gabs

This sounds brilliant and I couldn't agree more about 'at-home good', your products definitely deliver there!!

Sue xx

Always like your posts about hep for business - I might have to buy or borrow this book. Good luck with the trade fair Jane.

I loved this post, very thought provoking.

The chapter I opened this morning is called "Take a deep breath" - as there are only 4 days to go till Top Drawer . . .
Better do that.
I hope you enjoy the book if you buy it
J x

I have just bought this on e-bay because of this recommendation. Really looking forward to reading it.

Thanks for the recommendation.


Just bought this book on my new Kindle reader following your recommendation and found it really useful - I will be rereading it several times, I think!

Thank you for letting us know about it - I think it's a particularly useful read for small handmade businesses.

Good luck at Top Drawer! The giftwrap looks fab.

Wendy x

Yo estaba muy feliz de descubrir este sitio en bing.I quería decir gracias a ustedes con respecto a este post fantástico! Yo surelyenjoyed cada poco de ella y me he marcado para echar un vistazo a lo nuevo que publiques.

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