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August 30, 2010


Oh, he's gorgeous. One day I hope to have a bus too, love the colour.

Good name - you can call it Dougal the Shuggle! (Not original unfortunately, it's what one of my ex-colleagues at the Museum of Rural Life nicknamed the tractor-trailer).

Shame about Florence - I'm assuming it's the one in the news last week and not 'my' Florence! that you're referring to!!! Personally I think Dougal suits the bus better!!


I think I love the name dougal, espeically as it is scottish and the minis are loving The Magic Roundabout at the moment

Ah, The Magic Roundabout :-)
Dougal was always my favourite and I continue to search high and low for a real dog which looks just like him !!
It seems to me that Campervans, like pets, choose their own names and Dougal certainly suits your new found friend.
Here's to many happy Dougal days !
D x

Oh Jane I'm not sure I shall be able to visit your blog anymore as I'm too overcome with.... envy! There. I said it.

Great name ~ I hope that he glides along as well as Dougal always did, or will he stop to smell the flowers?

Hi Jane,

My daughter's 1972 bus goes by the name Tonka. I tried to persuade her to use Kymmy given its reg (KYM 648K) but she insist on Tonka. Now my son has a 1968 bug, I await it's new chistening when restored!

We have a blue bus called Dougal, so obviously you have chosen well!!!

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