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August 04, 2010


So pretty! Am a newbie to your blogging, and adore it...thankyou!
Nattie x

Looks brilliant. I, like you, have a tendency to stuff things into cupboards, in fact you have to catch falling things as you open the doors!!

Shelves would be a good idea (if I could fit enough of them in!!).

Sue xx

Yours looks fab - I am too much of a food hoarder to ever be able to cope with such an on-view system. Also, everyone would see the sugary cereals I let the boys eat in the holidays as a treat!

But I do have fantasies about a pantry.

Love it! I'm not very tidy, either, except in my sewing room. :)

So pleased to find you're another untidy person. My Mum's preciseness and tidyness has skipped a generation and I struggle to keep anything looking good!!!! Rather like the idea of open food shelves so you HAVE to be disciplined!!!

Keep up the good work!

Sue x

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