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August 15, 2010


That is such a good idea, I love maps. I would never come away from the cooker though, for looking at it.

What a great idea - it works brilliantly in the space.

Just think - a few spatters and you could add new topographical features to Stirling!

I love maps too, we have a huge world map in our bathrooms I love looking at countries whilst cleaning my teeth! Love the cooker idea, it looks fab.

Hello Jane, I have been having a wonderful time catching up on your recent posts.

I also love maps, and also once had a giant map of Paris on a bathroom wall. Your clever use of the Stirling map underglass looks wonderful and will surely always get folks talking about going places.

The flowers of the wedding are fantastic. You know I am another Mackintosh fan. Reading your post has gotten me to find my copy of a wonderful book showing his watercolor flowers. Wow!

And...on to penguins in August. They are so, so winsome. You've got just the right mix of reality and fun in those little fellows. Of course, it's necessary to start preparing for Christmas by now. How else could you manage it?

As always, best wishes. xo

I really like how a lot of people up here decorate with maps of the local area.

What a brilliant idea! So pleased I've fouund your blog

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