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July 20, 2010



What a cool idea!

Just wonder what inspiration I could put on some of my rooms .... "Tidy desk is a tidy mind?" ....... "Beware,Dragons?" .... "It's a work in progress?"


Once again you inspire me Jane. As someone about to start a large renovation project you are full of lovely ideas. Last week the perfect headboard & now some beautiful wall candy.
Keep up the fantastic posts I look forward to continuing the tour of your home. Any bright bathroom ideas?

looks great! Cx

That looks just great, Jane. Definitely an idea for many, many walls around the country!
Isn't Re wonderful? Just walking around the place is inspirational - though I've yet to visit and not buy something.
P x

It cost less than £30 to do - it would be even less if you were more skilled than me and could cut letters yourself.
Re is my favourite shop EVER - often you read about shops, particularly in London as obviously thats where most magazines are, and when you visit them you sort of think "So?" - and here is this amazing space tucked behind a garage in Corbridge.
J x

Beautiful. what a clever idea.

I do like this message Jane, and the notion of passing by it each day, getting a gentle reminder.



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