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July 30, 2010


What a great blog post, and very valuable little lesson! I did something similar to you a couple of months ago, just ordered something (from Folksy) that I had been admiring, and it wasn't a huge expense, but I just didn't do it for ages, then one day, I thought "sod it" and treated myself, and what a pleasure it was to receive too :)

Your photograph is lovely that your bought, I must check out her site :)

Jodi (Pollyorange Creations)

Great post - and so true! I think when we see things in a shop, we buy them on impulse rather than wait. Shopping online seems to have an agenda all of its own!

We snap things up on ebay for fear of missing out, or order a book quickly on Amazon as we can't wait to read it, but treating ourselves to little purchases comes a little harder. I for one, vowed this year to buy all my purchases - whether it be gifts, treats or essentials, either locally or UK handmade.

This weeks purchase has been a pair of handthrown stoneware goblets from that arrived much to my delight this morning. Can't wait to try them out tonight! x

Wish everyone was like you Jane.
I've just Set up my own little business this year. We've had so much support from the fairs and shows that we've done. But noone has bought anything off our website!!!
Just thinking the samething how do I promote our lovely handmade things!! Any help would be gratefully received from anyone as getting very disheartened!!
Going to go and buy a lovely picture now on the above website to cheer myself up!! Jane hang on in there things will get better I'm sure x

what a lovely post - you're so right.

Hi Jane
I had the same problem with suppliers, until I started asking for payment before delivery. Most will pay up without a murmur. I have to pay before I get my supplies, so why can`t it work the other way? I ask for payment details as I take the order, by simply saying "How would you like to pay for that today" I haven`t lost an order yet.
I simply cannot take a risk of not being paid. cash flow is so important.

So true... I've been meaning to order your tea towel for ages..I 'll get on to it, or rather my husband will for my birthday this month...


So glad I read this post. Having only really sold at craft fairs, where the deadline is quite obvious, I hadn't even considered the need for something similar for internet sales as it's all a new venture for me.

Love the photograph.

Dear Jane, thanks for this post. I've been so puzzled that people would mark my goods as "favourites" but never buy...Or they will watch an auction item but never bid.
So I'm very grateful to you.

I so agree, Jane. I lurk on your site often as I love what you do adn often buy your things at craft fairs etc. However I don't really buy from websites - I tend only to buy books from bookshops, for instance, as I love to look and hold and feel - and only use Amazon when I'm in a real rush or can't find something.

Really interesting discussion and maybe the 'buying online' movement needs a little kick and a little commitment every now and again.

An observation as a lurker - your blog and online presence makes your lovely crafts very familiar to me and I buy from craft fairs because I feel like I know who you are and the integrity behind your creativity. That probably sounds quite academic, but I think that your brand (and I hate that word for its over commercial associations) offline has been really strengthened by what you do online.

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