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June 16, 2010


Jane, you are too nice. I would have told the grumpy old goat to sod off - but then again for him that would have been a success. And I totally agree with your approach - spread the love!!!

Here here!! x

Well done Jane, for rising above it and keeping positive. Positive vibes are good!

He obviously knows nothing about Snapdragon's place in the hand crafted world. The little jump for joy whenever your products are found in some beautiful emporium, or in an online shop swelling lots of gorgeous goodies.
Let's face it, to us yours is a fantastic success story, which we're all very, very happy about.
Loved your response to his needling.
Pam x

i was just gonna say here here too! i've said it. i'm always always happy for crafters/soapers who gain success and i'm happy to tweet it or blog it for them too. we're all in this together so we should act like it. x

I am so with you on this one Jane. There is room for all in this world and another's success is just a great endorsement for all things handmade in general. Silly man, he obviously didn't get that!!

Awww, you're so lovely! What a silly man. There are lots of people who sell eggs too - and that's not a problem either :-)

did you mention you'd also got a great contract?! ;))

On Saturday night I went to French Knots for the Footie Match and we were singing your praises and saying what a superstar you are... and we can never have too many of those. Silly man. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

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