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June 20, 2010


They look gorgeous Jane. Wouldn't it be lovely if everyone wore a daily buttonhole again. There was a lovely man who I used to call Uncle - married to my Dad's cousin - who would wear a rosebud every day throughout the summer. I'd forgotten about that. He always looked so smart, even when going to (cattle) market!

Oh don't those flowers look wonderful, thank you so much for sharing this post with us

I bet you could adapt a tiny version to go on a hairclip - and how fab would it be to have flowers in our hair - or indeed pinned to our handbags - every day?

You make me want to make and wear one. Tomorrow preferably. Gorgeous!

I agree with the others the buttonholes look fantastic and how lovely if people started to wear them every day!

Fantastic flowery how-to, thank you so much!

I shall try and get organised to post more flowery things here - now that there are actually flowery things in the garden.
J x

These are gorgeous! Thank you for the welcome to your studio on saturday, & for the poppy sead head sewing - it is beautiful!

Hello Jane, the buttonholes pictured here, and your expert instructions are ... altogether wonderful. Thank you for the generous advice.

The photos of the wedding setting in the prior post are also splendid. You are so wise and creative.

Now. Finally I did connect with the lady in my company who knows about the Gift Show at the convention center hereabouts. She said that it is a good venu, but very, very mixed with its participants. The really good folks cluster their stands together ... and know how to find each other.

In other parts of the vast convention center are arranged stand, after stand of not so remarkable goods. The buyers who visit this fair would be reluctant to venture into this iffy territory. They would rather stay in safe, chic, delightful territory of participants they know.

I am going to pass your website on to this lady in my company. She knows that I will. Perhaps it will lead to something. No guarantee as you, wise lady, know.


Gorgeous!Thank you so much for sharing your immense creativity.Keep up the good the creative work!

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