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January 11, 2010


What a great book - I've just read it and it's so right. But I think you're doing pretty well, so don't worry. I love your stuff and it seems you're going from strength to strength!

Sounds like a good read. I get so tired of dealing with companies that have no customer service, I just won't go back.

Hi Jane
Sounds fascinating. I am totally in tune with this ethos - when I was a Primary Headteacher all that we did as staff was based on creating a positive relationship with each other, children, parents and the community. Relationships are totally and utterly the number one key to success whether it is a profit making business or the service industry.
As I read this posting I had no doubt that you are fully in tune with Micah's philosophy as your website and blog shows. After all Jane, you always respond to any of my queries in a nano-second (even once from your mobile phone!) and you are one of a small minority of 'business bloggers' who even bother to send personal emails in response to comments. There are a lot of very successful and popular 'business blogs' who could learn a great deal from you!
Even if you didn't quite provide the customer service you wanted to before Christmas, I doubt your customers noticed and many will be back again and again simply because you and your business have integrity.
I better stop now!!!
Happy days to you,
Denise x

haha nice post .. Espero que los cheques vienen ofter y se hacen más grandes.
Le deseo todo lo mejor, este concierto para hacer dinero en línea que no son gratis, y todo el trabajo duro que leo por aquí está comenzando a dar frutos

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