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October 30, 2009


I wholeheartedly agree with you Jane, the strike impacts our small businesses and it is such a worry when sales are down so much. I have to say though that so far the post does not seem to have been disrupted in my neck of the woods and all parcels have been arriving in good time. I too am holding parcels back until Tuesday though.

Let's hope it gets sorted out some time soon!

Very well said!!!

It must be really difficult & I hope that both you/small bizzes and the posties get it all sorted out soonest.

I have just been having a catch up but don't have time to comment on each post today - I have a writing deadline and shouldn't be reading this at all! Did want to say though that you are very inspirational. So pleased that you have got the new staff you hoped for. Good luck with it all. How exciting to have a 'new' house too! No idea how you manage to squash it all in but you do and do it so serenely.

My policy these days is to ignore what's said in the media and carry on as normal so I'd recommend people continue to place their orders as normal. I'd agreed a swap with a fellow blogger and posted a jar of chutney on wednesday afternoon having forgotten all about the intended strike action the next day. I assumed my package would be sitting at the post office in Gloucester until next week but I had an email today saying it had arrived in Nottingham. We've both continued to have our normal postal service this week.

I, too, don't think it is quite as bad as is made out, certainly not in our area. Any delays have been certainly not more than a day or so.

Pomona x

I don't think it is as bad as the media is making out either - and really I am getting very irritated with the news/newspapers over this.
Its the same as swine flu/credit crunch and all other self fullfilling prophecies.
The internet orders are down though - spojke to a friend this am and she was down from selling c. £200 a day off her website to just 2 orders last week. :(
Rant, rant, rant.
J x

I think the hype is defintely affecting internet sales Jane. Just hope it gets sorted soon and thanks for highlighting it x

Hi Jane

Just placed a wholesale order with you yesterday and have now discovered your blog - hooray!

The whole post thing is such a worry. I must admit I have jumped ship and am now using my courier for everything. It's working well at the moment but not sure how happy I'll be feeling when the first invoice comes in next week. Gulp.

Love Charlotte

I have had no complaints from customers (yet) thankfully! People are generally understanding. Hope its all over with soon though X

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